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Valtra Variable Rate Control

Ultimate application accuracy

Valtra Variable Rate Control further enhances application accuracy by automatically adjusting application rate of the implement according to the pre-planned prescription map. 

Working with Valtra Section Control it controls any ISOBUS compatible applicator, varying the rate to apply exactly the right amount of seed, fertiliser or spray to each part of the field, not too much nor too little. This saves resources and improves the crop quality and the yield.

Zone control should also be available with the new software. 

Maps adjust the rate

Valtra Rate Control varies the application rate of inputs according to a prescription map. Task Doc Pro Software enables prescription maps to be loaded into the control terminal wirelessly or via a USB stick. All the operator has to do is start the job and all the documentation is carried out automatically.

These maps also contain all the field boundaries, obstacles and existing waylines. Thanks to Fuse Data Management the system offers enhanced compatibility and is able to operate with a wide range of software and machines from many different manufacturers.

Easy to set up and use

ISOBUS operation

All Valtra Section Control settings and operation are controlled via the SmartTouch touch-screen terminal. Simply plug the ISOBUS implement into the tractor and all relevant data is transferred, along with the operating display.

An additional SmartTouch Extend second screen can also be used to provide an overview when working. Fast and accurate direction recognition automatically detects when the tractor is reversing.

More information on ISOBUS

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