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Fendt Variable Rate Control

Optimise application accuracy

Optimum application accuracy

By automatically varying the application rate across sections on ISOBUS compatible drills, planters and other applicators, Fendt Variable Rate Control enables operators to precisely match inputs to soil and crop requirements. 

This advanced system works together with Fendt Section Control to operate up to 144 sections to vary the application rate of up to five liquid or dry products. Using position information from Fendt Guide it accurately delivers only the required amount of product to specific areas in the field according to instructions on a prescription map.

Benefit from Fendt Variable Rate Control

  • Save time and increase overall efficiency
  • Maximise yield while saving resources
  • Streamline record keeping (job reports to meet legal requirements)
  • Flexible – compatible with ISO XML and Shape files.

Data for precision applications

Variable rate prescription maps, contain the instructions and location required to control the ISOBUS compliant applicator. Task Doc Pro enables these maps to be loaded, either wirelessly or by USB stick, into the terminal and all the operator needs to do is start the job.

During the application the terminal display shows a coverage map, with coloured contours indicating the actual rates and where these change. After the job is finished the system records an ‘as applied’ map, which makes it easier to comply with regulatory record keeping.