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Receivers and Correction Signals

Select the system to suit

Fuse offers of choice of GPS receivers and correction signals, from two leading specialists, to enable you to tailor your Fuse Guide system to suit your precise requirements and level of investment.

This range offers guidance accuracies from optimum precision of 2cm, or 2cm-15cm for medium accucacy down to 15cm-30cm for less demanding work.

How they work

All the systems receive positioning information from a constellation of satellites. These will usually referred to as:

  • GPS – The North American Global Positioning System, which provides an uncorrected signal accuracy of about 5m.

  • GNSS – The Global Navigation Satellite System, which is the International multi-constellation satellite system, which includes GPS, EGNOS, GLONASS, Baidu and Galileo.

Increasing precision

  • Uncorrected, the signals from these systems are unsuitable for use in agriculture and require the addition of a ‘correction signal’, which can be provided by an additional signal from a satellite or a Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) ground-based system which transmits the correction via radio signals or 3G/4G/GPRS mobile phone network.
  • Free to use correction signals are provided by the following systems. However, these corrections are still not precise enough for many farming operations.
  • WAAS – Wide Area Augmentation System employs a series of ground stations that receive GPS signals and broadcasts a correction signal every second. It is accurate to within 3m.
  • EGNOS – The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service augments GPS with three satellites, providing users with position accuracy to within 1.5m.

Choose the accuracy you need

Not all operations in farming require pin-point accuracy. It is however, important, to consider the factors that can effect the precision to when making decisions and to select system to suit your needs.

Accuracy levels

  • Pass to Pass accuracy. This is how precisely each track is spaced apart.
  • Repeatable accuracy. How accurately the system will return to an existing path or boundary from the previous season.

FUSE provides a choice of three levels of precision to exactly suit the requirements of a wide range of operations:

  • Submetre +/- 20cm – for primary tillage work and basic applications
    Correction: Free satellite service, low pass-to-pass accuracy
  • Decimetre +/- 5cm – accurate drilling, spraying and spreading
    Correction: Commercial satellite, low pass-to-pass accuracy
  • Centimetre +/- 2cm – high accuracy for precise operations, waylines remain in place 
    Correction: RTK / NTIP network

Select your system

NovAtel Receivers

NovAtel standard:

  • Submetre: EGNOS & WAAS ± 15-30cm pass-to-pass accuracy; ± 150cm repeatable accuracy

NovAtel – expandable correction signals:

  • Centimetre: TerraStar-L ± 15cm pass-to-pass accuracy; ± 50 cm repeatable accuracy
  • Decimetre: TerraStar-C Pro + - 2cm pass-to-pass accuracy; + - 3cm repeatable accuracy
  • Decimeter: RTK ± 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy; ± 2.5cm repeatable accuracy

RTK Assist maintains 5cm or less accuracy for up to 20 minutes if the signal is lost of interrupted.

Trimble Receivers

Trimble standard:

  • Submetre: EGNOS & WAAS ± 15-30 cm pass-to-pass accuracy; ± 150 cm repeatable accuracy

Trimble – expandable correction signals:

  • Decimetre: RangePoint® RTX ± 15 cm pass-to-pass accuracy; ± 50 cm repeatable accuracy
  • Decimetre: CenterPoint® RTX and CenterPoint® RTX Fast ± 2.5 cm pass-to-pass accuracy; ± 1 inch repeatable accuracy
  • Decimetre: RTK ± 2.5 cm pass-to-pass accuracy; ± 2.5cm repeatable accuracy

xFILL technology: This provides a back-up to that helps maintain accuracy, up to 2.5cm, if the RTK signal is lost or interupted for up to 20 minutes.

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