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Task Data Management with Task Doc


TaskDoc records data quickly and easily to create field records, make job reports and keep accurate records of inputs. This information can be transferred simply, wirelessly from the terminal in a format compatible with most farm management software. 

TaskDoc simplifies data exchange, reduces the time needed for administrative tasks and improves efficiency. With TaskDoc, relevant data can be recorded with minimum effort, documented in the field record and then analyzed, all in a short amount of time, so that you have the information you need to know what to do next. 

 The data is transferred wirelessly from the SmartTouch terminal to the field database using the ISOBUS standard TC-BAS. Data on the quantity of seeds and fertilizer applied or the fuel consumption is available immediately after the work is done.

TaskDoc Pro

The TaskDoc Pro version, also enables recording of the GPS position data and data transfer in real-time. This makes automatic, seamless exchange with ISOXML-capable field management software and mapping possible. The data for the operating inputs that have been used are transferred and can also be monitored through the SmartTouch terminal while working. Task data management system documentation and data work securely transfers task files between machine and office wirelessly, without a data card or USB device, saving time and unnecessary work. Data gathered by TaskDoc Pro can be used to create variable rate treatment plans to ensure inputs are targeted to areas where they will do the most good. This cuts waste, costs and is proven to boost yields and increase crop quality and protect the growing environment.

Available as factory fit

Task Doc data transfer solution is also available on new tractors from factory.

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