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MF Technology Overview

Massey Ferguson Precision Agriculture Technology

Massey Ferguson offers straightforward and dependable technology solutions resulting in unbeatable ease of use, improved productivity and profitability through higher yields, lower inputs costs and greater profits. With MF Technology, farmers can monitor machines, operate implements simply and effectively, analyze operations more closely and above all optimize costs with our cutting edge farm management solutions.

MF Guide for Tractors

MF Guide is Massey Ferguson’s complete guidance system for hands free steering. MF Guide offers a choice of sub-meter, decimeter or centimeter accuracy, to increase the efficiency of your farming operations.
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MF Guide for Windrowers

MF Guide automatic steering is available for Massey Ferguson’s latest generation of self-propelled windrowers, either factory-fitted or for retrofitting existing machines.
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Upgrading Your MF Guide System

Whether you’re looking to go from guidance ready to guidance complete, upgrade to the newest guidance capabilities or increase your precision level, Massey Ferguson has the right solution.
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MF Task Data Management with Task Doc and Agro Link

Transfer data wirelessly to machines and dozens of different farm management information systems.
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MF Section Control

MF Section Control delivers optimum accuracy by cutting overlaps and misses and ensuring products are applied precisely on target.
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MF Connect

MF Connect is a fleet management tool for monitoring the status of your machines to optimize work efficiency and minimize downtime. With MF Connect, you can see the status of your whole fleet, wherever you are.
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MF Rate Control

Control up to 36 sections for more accurate application and precisely administer prescribed application and seeding rates.
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