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Valtra Connect

Comprehensive connectivity

Valtra Connect is a remote telemetry service that delivers data about your tractors, allowing you to work more efficiently, plan maintenance, maximise uptime and increase productivity.

Through remote machine monitoring, and with your permission, your dealer can help you improve uptime and efficiency by providing proactive maintenance and support.

It also increases security, telling you when your tractors enter or leave specific areas.

Benefit from connectivity

  • Monitor machine locations. A useful Geofencing function provides notifications as soon as your tractor enters or leaves a specific, designated area

  • Check machine performance. Monitor when tractors are working, in transit, off, idling and even headland turning

  • Identify potential problems. Increase uptime by sharing diagnostic data with your dealer

  • Remote monitoring. Check and view machine performance in real-time from the office, or on a laptop, mobile ‘phone or tablet’ 

  • Machine management. Monitor machine efficiency, plan maintenance and share diagnostic data.

Comprehensive data delivery

Valtra Connect delivers a wide range of information on your tractors and operations, which can be remotely monitored on an office computer or a range of mobile devices. 

This valuable data, shared in real time, helps to improve economic efficiency, 

enhance economic efficiency, minimise downtime, optimise inputs and improve logistics with fact-based decisions providing you more control of your entire fleet.

Available as factory fit

New Valtra G, N, and T series tractors come with a 5 year subscription to Valtra Connect.

Check Valtra Connect availability for your machine.

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