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Valtra Section Control

Automatic precision operation

Valtra Section Control 96 with Multiboom uses positioning information from Valtra Guide to automatically turn rows and boom sections on and off to eliminate overlaps and avoid gaps. It works with all ISOBUS compatible implements to precisely control the widest implements, even in poor visibility.

Benefit from Valtra Section Control 96

  • Easy operation though Valtra SmartTouch terminal
  • Control of up to 96 sections and five booms
  • Optimum accuracy
  • Eliminate overlaps – save up to 5% on inputs
  • ISOBUS compatible
  • Increase working speeds

Enhance application accuracy

When an existing field boundary has been plotted, Headland mode also allows the inside of a field to be worked before the headland, resulting in less soil compaction when cultivating and seeding.

With automatic switching of up to 96 sections and five booms, Valtra Section Control enables operation of a number of different ISOBUS compatible implements, mounted on the front or rear.

ISOBUS operation

All Valtra Section Control settings and operation are controlled via the SmartTouch touch-screen terminal. Simply plug the ISOBUS implement into the tractor and all relevant data is transferred, along with the operating display.

An additional SmartTouch Extend second screen can also be used to provide an overview when working. Fast and accurate direction recognition automatically detects when the tractor is reversing.

More information on ISOBUS

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