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Valtra Auto

Headland management made easy

Headland turns can be made at the touch of a button, according to a U-Pilot sequence that is easily programmed and stored on SmartTouch terminal 

Sequences for each implement and its operation can be recorded during driving by simply pressing a record button on the screen. This saves all the functions used during the turn until the operator presses stop. 

Alternatively they can be manually programmed, by pressing the plus button and the action you require – for example for a plough, press raise the linkage, reduce engine speed, turn off cruise control and set the hydraulic flow to turn the plough.

It's possible to finetune the programmed sequences, setting how long each function operates as well as the distance travelled between each action starting and finishing. 

These U-Pilot sequences are saved in the SmartTouch terminal’s ‘Profiles’, which saves time when changing between implements.

Hands-free headland turns

Headland turns are made without using the steering wheel thanks to Valtra Guide’s SmartTurn feature. Working in conjunction with Valtra Auto U-Pilot, it raises and lowers the implement in the correct position completely automating the whole of the headland procedure, including steering the tractor through the turn.

Available as factory fit

Valtra’s Auto U-Pilot is also available factory fitted on new tractors as part of the Technologic Pro X package.

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