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FUSE Rate Control

Ultimate precision

Fuse Rate Control delivers the precision today’s pioneering farmers require to farm sustainably to secure profits and protect the environment. 

All growers know there are huge variances fields, soils and crops. This integrated system works seamlessly with any ISOBUS compatible implement to exactly apply what every specific area requires with pinpoint accuracy. 

Benefit from optimum precision

Precision application
Control up to 144 sections for more accurate, economic application of inputs including seed, fertiliser, pesticides 

Single-rate control Control
Maintain application/seeding rates to single coulter or nozzle accuracy — regardless of machine speed — to ensure consistent application across the field 

Variable-rate Control 
Vary the application rate of up to five liquid or dry products, using only the required amount of each product in a given area of the field 

Prescription applications
Create prescription maps to apply variable rates, record as-applied maps and other multiple layer maps.

Fuse Rate Control automatically varies the rate across the sections of drills, planters and all types of applicators to precisely match the soil and crop requirements.  

Positioning information from Fuse Guide provides data on the precise location, while Fuse Section Control automatically adjusts the output according to the prescription map created by farm management software. The prescription map can be loaded to the terminal either via USB stick or wirelessly via Task Doc Pro

Precise prescription maps

Task Doc Pro enables prescription maps to be loaded into the control terminal wirelessly or via a USB stick. All the operator has to do is start the job and all the documentation is carried out automatically.

Maps will also contain all the field boundaries, obstacles and existing waylines. Enhanced compatibility, provided by Fuse Next Wayline Converter allow it to transfer waylines created by other manufacturers.

Available as factory fit

Valtra’s complete guidance system for hands free steering is also available factory fitted on new tractors.

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