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MF Rate Control

Precision applications

MF Rate Control automatically varies the application rate applied by ISOBUS compatible implements in response to instructions on a prescription map created using geo-positioned data from Task Doc Pro software.

This saves money and protects the environment by ensuring inputs are tailored to match the exact requirements of the crop or soil and precisely applied to exact locations.

MF Rate Control works in conjunction with MF Section Control with positioning from MF Guide to deliver unparalleled application accuracy. Taking precision to the next level it makes it possible to vary application rates, on the move, according to prescription maps.

With the possibility to control up to 96 sections and five different products, it precisely targets the correct amount of seed, fertiliser or sprays to where they are most needed and, importantly, not to areas where they are not required.

MF Rate Control uses the information from the prescription map to control ISOBUS compliant spreaders, sprayers and drills to vary the application according to the rate required for the precise location.

Precise prescription maps

Task Doc Pro Software  enables prescription maps to be loaded into the control terminal wirelessly or via a USB stick. All the operator has to do is start the job and all the documentation is carried out automatically. 

Maps will also contain all the field boundaries, obstacles and existing waylines. Enhanced compatibility, provided by Fuse Next Wayline Converter allow it to transfer waylines created by other manufacturers.

During the application the Datatronic 5 terminal screen displays the coverage map, that shows coloured contours to indicate the various rates and where these change. On completion of the job it will also record an ‘as applied’ map for farm records.

Thanks to Fuse Data Management the system offers enhanced compatibility and is able to operate with a wide range of software and machines from many different manufacturers.

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