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Fendt TI Headland

Hands free headland turns

Two outstanding Fendt Guide features combine to deliver completely hands-free headland turns – greatly improving efficiency and reducing operator fatigue.


  • Fendt TI Auto saves and automatically runs headland sequence of work steps, at the right time and in the right place
  • TI Turn Assistant automates the headland turn.

Fendt TI Auto

Fendt’s TI Auto system relieves operators of thousands of repetitive operations by fully automating the entire headland sequence.

Headland sequences can be manually programmed in, at a standstill, or recorded and saved when entering/leaving the headland. The actions and steps are replayed at the touch of a button. Working in combination with Fendt Guide, each step, such as raising and lowering, is activated in precisely the right location, without operators having to touch the controls.

TI Turn Assistant

For fully automated, hands-free headland turns TI Turn Assistant adds the automatic turning sequence to the Fendt TI Auto headland management system.

Operators can choose between four different types of turn: Part field mode, U-Turn, Y-Turn and K-Turn.


U-Turn mode is the most common choice for conventional tillage operations. It can also be used for working across the field by skipping adjacent pass, and then returning to fill in the remaining passes.

Part Field Mode

Part Field Mode enables the field to be worked in a number of ‘plots’. This allows operators to fully complete a part of the field before moving across to the next ‘plot’. This is useful when working in uncertain weather conditions and bigger fields.


Suitable for smaller headlands the Y-Turn is most commonly used with mounted equipment. The sequence starts automatically, slows the machine with the cruise control and the driver can then put it in reverse and forward. It then steers the tractor back into the next track.


The K-turn sequence is designed to maintain stability when turning on slopes with rear-mounted equipment, reversing the tractor  in a straight line allows it to make a wider turn into the next run.

Available as factory fit

Fendt TI Headland is also available as a factory fitted option on new Fendt equipment.

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