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Fendt Technology Overview

Smart technologies on agricultural equipment are becoming more and more standard. And for good reason. Because with fewer and fewer farms feeding more and more people, today's farming must be as efficient as possible. Trust in proven and future-oriented smart farming solutions that drive your machine to peak performance – while always using limited resources responsibly.

In the field of smart farming, Fendt offers you a wide range of products and solutions to help you use your machine even more purposefully and at the same time work even more comfortably. There is a range of products to choose from under the modules Guidance, Agronomy, Telemetry and Machine Control. 

Fendt Guide

This fully integrated guidance technology system helps reduce fatigue, minimize overlap and skips and allows day and night operation. Using satellite navigation ensures your machine is exactly where it needs to be, so you get the most out of every pass.​
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Fendt TI Headland

TI Headland turns the tractor and its implement hands-free at the field’s headland according to a pre-calculated turning process.
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Fendt Task Data Management with Task Doc and Agro Link

The documentation and data work you do off the field is just as important as the work you do on it. TaskDoc Pro wirelessly and securely transfers task files between your machine and your office without a data card or USB device, saving time and unnecessary work.
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Fendt Variable Rate Control

By automatically varying the application rate across sections on ISOBUS compatible drills, planters and other applicators, Fendt Variable Rate Control enables operators to precisely match inputs to soil and crop requirements.
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Fendt Connect

Superior real-time coverage mapping and machine performance parameters in one simple mobile app. Focus all your attention on tillage, planting, application or harvesting.
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Fendt Section and Rate Control

Automatic section control is a must for anybody wanting to work as efficiently as possible. Whether spraying, spreading, planting, or drilling – never apply valuable farm inputs twice.
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