Fendt Section Control envelope Print up

Fendt Section Control

Optimise application accuracy

Fendt Section Control benefits

  • Save up to 15% on inputs by reducing overlaps
  • Reduce disease, pest and weed pressure by avoiding over-dense crops and weak spots
  • Reduce driver fatigue allowing them to focus fully on monitoring the equipment
  • Improve results with clean headland row cut-offs
  • Headland mode: Option to work the inner field first, then the headland.

ISOBUS operation

Fendt Section Control will operate any AEF ISOBUS-compliant machine. This provides simple connectivity to a wide range of drills, fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and other machines from numerous different manufacturers.

Ultimate precision

A further benefit of Fendt Section Control providing accurate operation of 144 sections is, working with Fendt Rate Control, it facilitates the move to variable rate applications. This will enable users to precisely target and vary the rate of inputs to exactly where they are most required.