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AGCO Connect


AGCO Connect is a fleet management tool for monitoring the status of your machines to optimize work efficiency and minimize downtime. With AGCO Connect, you can see the status of your whole fleet, wherever you are.  


Keep track of your machine location and see what your machines are doing. See how machines are performing, historically and in near real-time. AGCO Connect provides visibility of the machine without the need to be present in the field or cab and can identify operational improvements remotely

AGCO Connect provides the information you need to reduce input costs such as fuel and consumables by identifying opportunities for improvement. Increase work efficiency by achieving greater productivity through logistics optimization. Maximize machine uptime by using prioritized diagnostic support for decision making. 

View critical fleet information in AGCO Connect: 

• Machine position and route 

• Fuel consumption and AdBlue level 

• Speed and working time 

• Machine capacity 

• Error messages 

• Upcoming service intervals 

 Logistics, weather, and operator inattention are common causes of poor work efficiency. By using Connect to monitor machine activity, it is possible to decrease idle time and reduce fuel costs by identifying and addressing the cause of the inefficiencies. The information available gives you actionable insights and removes the need for guesswork. 

Available as factory fit

AGCO Connect is also available factory fitted on new Challenger and application equipment.

Check Connect availability for your machine.

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