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MF Guide

MF Guide is Massey Ferguson’s complete guidance system for hands free steering. MF Guide offers a choice of sub-meter, decimeter or centimeter accuracy, to increase the efficiency of your farming operations.

With MF Guide, the choice of two different receiver systems are available: NovAtel® and Trimble®. Existing Trimble® RTK infrastructure on the farm, such as NTRIP, can continue to be used. A number of correction signals are supported, depending on the receiver, for example, WAAS, TerraStar-L, RangePoint RTX™, and Ntrip. 

Datatronic 5 Terminal

The Datatronic 5 integrated touchscreen monitor puts complete tractor and precision farming control at any operator’s fingertips. From basic to more advanced modes, the Datatronic 5 integrated monitor can be customized to any farmer’s needs and levels of technology comfort. Boost efficiency, productivity and profitability at the touch of a screen. The Datatronic 5 makes it very easy to change the implement, choose waylines and fields, set boundaries and obstacles. 

Go-Mode makes precision quick and easy

MF Go Mode is the simplest way to setup your MF Guide for GNSS auto steering guidance feature, including straight AB, A+ angle, and contour segment waylines. The operator can choose from straight A-B waylines, A+ angle or contour waylines. Go-Mode is a convenient way to quickly start a variety of wayline types with minimal steps.

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Wayline conversion for mixed fleet use

Improve the portability of automatic guidance data to save time and money. The free web-based NEXT Farming Wayline Converter tool converts AB-lines from, and into, different manufacturer’s formats, enabling you to easily convert straight waylines and field boundaries. Easily convert straight waylines and boundaries between AGCO and third-party guidance systems, including AGCO®, John Deere®, Topcon®, CNH®, Trimble® and ISO XML file formats. Create a free account to start converting waylines today. Learn more.

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Available as factory fit

Massey Ferguson’s complete guidance system for hands free steering is also available factory fitted on new tractors.

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