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Fuse Section Control

Precisely control applications

With its ability to automatically operate up to 144 individual sections and 5 products, FUSE Section control delivers ultimate accuracy when planting seeds and when applying fertiliser and pesticides.

This advanced system uses positioning information from FUSE Guide to prevent overlaps by automatically turning boom sections, nozzles and seed coulters on or off as well as adjusting applicator spread widths.

Benefit from Section Control

Fuse Section control ensures costly inputs are applied precisely – reducing waste and protecting the environment.

  • Up to 15% savings from cutting overlaps

  • Sections and part sections automatically switch on/off

  • Seed, fertiliser and pesticides applied to precise locations

  • Reduces operator effort while improving work quality

  • Headland mode – work the inner field first, then the headland.

Optimum application precision

Fuse Section Control’s ability to hugely increase accuracy of operations and works with Fuse Rate Control to deliver variable rate applications to precisely match the soil and crop requirements. The system operates with any ISOBUS compliant drills, planters and all types of applicators.

Simple ISOBUS operation

Thanks to the ‘plug and play’ compatibility provided by ISOBUS Fuse Section Control will operate any ISO-compliant machines.

Available as factory fit

Valtra’s complete guidance system for hands free steering is also available factory fitted on new tractors.

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