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Valtra SmartTurn

Fully automatic headland turns

Headland turns are made without using the steering wheel thanks to Valtra’s  SmartTurn feature. Working in conjunction with Auto U-Pilot, it also raises and lowers the implement in the correct position completely automating the whole of the headland procedure, including steering the tractor through the turn.

Benefit from SmartTurn and Auto U-Pilot

  • Hands-free headland steering
  • Fully automatic headland management
  • Saves time
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Improves precision
  • Reduces soil compaction

This advanced system works Four modes:

  • U-turn: The tractor automatically turns on the headland and into the adjacent unpassed wayline. The tractor makes a small U-shaped turn on the headland, according to the maximum turning radius. This requires a relatively large headland.

  • Part-field: The tractor turns automatically on the headland into the third, fourth or further wayline. This requires a smaller headland than for U-turns.

  • K-Turn: The K-turn sequence is designed to maintain stability when turning on slopes with rear-mounted equipment, reversing the tractor in a straight line allows it to make a wider turn into the next run.

  • Y-Turn: Suitable for smaller headlands the Y-Turn is most commonly used with mounted equipment and is most commonly used for pass to pass operation.

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