A-B line conversion system

Improve the portability of automatic guidance data to save time and money. This web-based tool converts AB-lines from, and into, different manufacturer’s formats, enabling you to easily convert straight waylines and field boundaries.


Easily convert straight waylines and boundaries between AGCO and third-party guidance systems, including AGCO®, John Deere®, Topcon®, CNH®, Trimble® and ISO XML file formats.


AB-lines are a foundational part of executing precision farming and can be laid out on a field with the support of a steering system and a machine, or can be created within an FMIS system. With the Wayline Converter, the generated AB-Lines can be converted into different formats and used with various manufacturers’ terminals.


Convertible Data Formats

Convert different file formats from and to compatible guidance systems

Line Precision

AB-line converter software with no influence on the precision of converted AB-lines

The Wayline Converter Tool was developed by FarmFacts, an associated company of BayWa AG. Click here to visit the FarmFacts website to start the registration process and to understand the FarmFacts terms of use*.

* Your license agreement to use the Wayline Converter Tool is with FarmFacts. AGCO is not liable for any data errors or inaccuracies that may arise. Contact your local dealer for more information about availability and promotions in your area.

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