Automatic section and variable rate control

Now for select AGCO sprayers, tractors and implements, you can put the right product at the right rate in the right place at the right time. The Rate & Section Control system helps you reduce input costs, avoid overlaps, improve yields and maximize profit. This fully integrated, new-generation system helps you achieve cropping system goals, minimize field nutrient loss and maximize crop uptake.


With 36 individually controlled sections, you can control and apply up to 5 products evenly and in an ecologically friendly manner, even in adverse field conditions and irregularly shaped fields.

Because the Rate & Section Control tool is integrated with the Auto-Guide guidance and steering system, you apply seed, fertilizer and pesticide without overlap, based on your unique prescriptions.

Save up to 15% on fertilizer, seeds and plant protection compared to manual control.


Reduce cost and increase profit by minimizing skips, setting variable application rates for multiple products (based on crop needs) and more accurately treating each section of the field. AGCO tractors, equipped with an AGCO universal terminal, will read and display user interfaces from ISO-compliant implements, consolidating multiple functions into one integrated terminal. Plan application rates in advance, right from your office, using precise application maps with TaskDoc® Pro.


Precision Application

Control up to 36 sections for more accurate, economic application of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, etc., based on field conditions

Single-rate Control

Accurately maintain application/seeding rates — regardless of machine speed — to ensure consistent application across the field

Variable-rate Control

Vary the application rate of up to 5 liquid or dry products, using only the required amount of each product in a given area of the field

Prescription Maps

Enhanced mapping functions let you read prescription maps, create as-applied maps and create coverage maps and multiple map layers

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