Agronomy visualization and decision app

Each farm is different and every field is unique. This year-round data partner app allows you to analyze all your farm’s data in one place, enabling data-driven decisions that maximize return on every acre.


Connect to soil, field imagery and weather sites that provide the information you need to make informed management decisions.

Input current field conditions to the app while scouting, so you’ll have notes later when spraying or harvesting. And receive notifications when new imagery has been received for all the fields in your climate account.


Seamlessly collect, store and visualize critical field data, monitor and measure the impact of agronomic decisions on crop performance, and manage field variability with customized fertility and seeding plans that optimize yield and maximize profit.


Data Visualization

Get real-time harvest, planting and sprayer maps; identify and address equipment issues in the field to ensure a successful season

Crop Performance Analysis

Analyze performance by soil type, field or region so you can pick the best seed for next season

Field Health Imagery

Get consistent, high-quality field satellite imagery to help identify issues early and take prompt action to protect yield

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