Universal data exchange platform

A centralized hub that facilitates data movement between your cloud storage, equipment telematics systems and almost any FMIS. Efficiently connect your data with your trusted advisors.


Securely store and seamlessly transfer data to either your computer or mobile device. Share information with trusted advisors, move data between cloud storage, equipment telematics systems and your FMIS and manage prescription formats.

Convert an ISO XML file to a shapefile or vice versa.


Enjoy access to all your cloud and equipment files, control access you granted using a FarmLock share, set up a page for maintenance of custom sends and auto workflows and more.


Data Storage

Use stored data from multiple FMIS to increase efficiency and control

Better Data

Streamline the collection of as-applied, as-planted and yield data, facilitate the transfer of prescription files to equipment in the field and centrally organize and share files — so you can focus on managing the farm

Shared Data

Share data with multiple FMIS, other OEM and aftermarket solutions, as well as trusted advisors

Training Videos

Benefits and Function

Converting a Shapefile to ISOXML Format

Climate FieldView Sharing Key Creation

Connecting a Climate FieldView Account and Configuring a Workflow

Configuring a Workflow to Send Data to Cloud Storage & a FMIS

Creating a Raven Slingshot key and connecting your Slingshot account to Agro-Link

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