Universal Data Exchange Platform

This universal data exchange platform lets you connect machinery and agricultural software, regardless of vendor or manufacturer. You can also determine who to exchange data with, whom, and to what extent. Agrirouter is your ticket to the digitalization of agriculture, enabling you to retain control of your data.

The new data exchange platform is available with the user interfaces in French, English and German. Other languages can also be integrated.

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Your Benefits

You can exchange data between your mixed fleet and agricultural software products from different manufacturers and suppliers. Once set up, the system automatically works in the background, simplifies processes, and improves profitability.

You can transfer more data seamlessly, efficiently and effectively between your machinery and your software, or even integrate with outside contractors or customers.


Because each user sets individual routes for their data exchange, agrirouter is the foundation for automated, process-oriented data usage within your operation. Note: agrirouter only transports data transfers; it does not store data.



The Internet-based data exchange platform is simple and secure, so you can connect machinery and agricultural software from a wide range of manufacturers


Simplified data exchange and operational procedure reduces administrative expenses and improves economic efficiency

Seamless Data Flow

Because information flows between disparate systems (software, data and equipment), you’re empowered to work with any FMIS or OEM

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Universal Data Exchange Platform


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