Advanced yield monitoring system

Automatically record real-time machine and crop data, then use it to make in-field harvesting adjustments or plan next year’s agronomic process. This advanced monitoring system includes an AGCO yield sensor, AGCO moisture sensor and live mapping on the Gleaner Tyton™ terminal. Combine it with Ag Leader® technology — including the Ag Leader® sensor and Ag Leader® moisture sensor, with all yield and moisture data displayed on the Tyton™ terminal — for even more effective monitoring.


A simple-to-use, intuitive and integrated solution,  AGCO Harvest Tracker Live records important machine and crop data including yield, moisture content, engine load, fuel usage and sieve settings.

You have the timely harvest analytics to adjust tillage, fertilizer, seed rate, and improve application of insecticide and herbicide treatments for future crop production.


Real-time moisture maps show moisture percentages and allow you to map out moisture pockets in the field. This is most beneficial for later post-harvest correction action or informed machine management decisions to maintain optimized combine settings. Combined with TaskDoc Pro, the system can wirelessly send a variety of harvest data to your trusted advisors.


Better Field Visibility

Live maps display real-time yield and moisture results instantaneously in the terminal

Improved Decisions

Logging and documentation of as-applied data enhances future season decision making, and assists with regulatory record keeping


Use TaskDoc to document and transfer task data via USB between machines and your back office. Compatibility with AgCommand and Connect lets you wirelessly record and log machine data for easy asset management and record-keeping

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