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Valtra Section and Rate Control

With Valtra Section Control Control, you can control up to 36 sections for more accurate, economic application of fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides based on field conditions. Valtra Variable Rate Control makes it easy to accurately maintain application/seeding rates — regardless of machine speed — to ensure consistent application across the field. It is possible to vary the application rate of up to 5 liquid or dry products, using only the required amount of each product in a given area of the field. Meanwhile, enhanced mapping functions let you read prescription maps, create as-applied maps and create coverage maps and multiple map layers.

Save Seed and Other Products with Section Control

Valtra Section Control provides a reliable way to ensure precision and efficiency in your application of seed or crop protection with the ISO-compliant implement of your choice. Your Valtra dealer can assist in unlocking this feature for use on your SmartTouch terminal equipped Valtra tractor. With 36 individually controlled sections, you can control and apply up to 5 products uniformly, even in adverse field conditions and irregularly shaped fields. 

From basic to more advanced modes, the SmartTouch integrated terminal can be customized to any farmer’s needs and levels of comfort. These systems put complete tractor and precision farming control at any operator’s fingertips. Boost efficiency, productivity and profitability at the touch of a screen. Manual and automatic modes give the operator a customized mix of tailored settings and convenience. With manual mode, the operator can adjust headland size as well as overlap and underlap tolerances based on the task at hand. 

 Overlap can be adjusted for boundaries as well as within the field to allow for the most efficient plan of attack in terms of waylines while still utilizing section control in a time efficient way. Overlap tolerance can be controlled either in terms of percentages or by feet in which case a gap or overlap can be constructed in between passes. The tolerance for on and off delays for section control can also be adjusted within fractions of a second.  

Optimize Agronomy with Variable Rate Control

Valtra Variable Rate Control makes it easy to optimize the agronomic factors in your fields with an ISOBUS implement and a prescription map. From basic to more advanced modes, both the SmartTouch integrated terminal can be customized to any farmer’s needs and levels of comfort. These systems put complete tractor and precision farming control at any operator’s fingertips. Valtra Variable Rate Control boosts efficiency, productivity and profitability at the touch of a screen. 

A prescription map can be loaded to the tractor either via USB stick or wirelessly via Task Doc Pro. Dozens of different FMISs can be used successfully with Agro Link providing the necessary file type conversion if required. Once loaded, the task can be edited within the terminal if needed. Before getting started, the operator can view the map and the color-coded treatment zone settings. Once the operator starts, the task is easily recorded and sent to the FMIS of choice or quickly downloaded to a USB stick afterwards, so that this data can be utilized to optimize yields in subsequent crop cycle steps. 

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