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Guidance Products

Guidance is the first step in increasing the precision level of your farm. Whether you’re looking to go from guidance ready to guidance complete, upgrade to the newest guidance capabilities or increase your precision level, AGCO brands have a variety of solutions for your farm. 

MF Guide

MF Guide is Massey Ferguson’s complete guidance system for hands free steering. MF Guide offers a choice of sub-meter, decimeter or centimeter accuracy, to increase the efficiency of your farming operations.
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Upgrading Your MF Guide System

Whether you’re looking to go from guidance ready to guidance complete, upgrade to the newest guidance capabilities or increase your precision level, Massey Ferguson has the right solution.
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Retrofit Guidance for Hesston by Massey Ferguson Windrowers

MF Guide can now be retrofitted onto Hesston by Massey Ferguson WR9900 windrowers.
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Fendt Guide

This fully integrated guidance technology system helps reduce fatigue, minimize overlap and skips and allows day and night operation. Using satellite navigation ensures your machine is exactly where it needs to be, so you get the most out of every pass.​
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Fendt TI Headland

TI Headland turns the tractor and its implement hands-free at the field’s headland according to a pre-calculated turning process.
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Contour Assistant

Fendt Guide Contour Assistant is a useful function package that will make your fieldwork even more efficient and easier. The Contour Assistant adds the wayline types Contour Segments and Single Contour to your guidance system.
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Valtra Guide

Valtra Guide brings many benefits from cost and time savings to a lighter workload and better use of farmland. It all comes down to accurate, consistent driving every time, in every field, for all your work.
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Upgrading Your Valtra Guide System

It’s easy to upgrade your Valtra Guide system to experience the full benefits of Valtra’s complete guidance system for hands free steering.
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Valtra Auto U-Pilot for End-of-Row Turns

With Auto U-Pilot, you can further automate the function of the traditional U-Pilot feature.
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Challenger & Application Auto-Guide

With the Auto-Guide guidance system, you can drive reliably and accurately without actively steering, even in difficult reception conditions.
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Challenger and Application Correction Signal Services

NovAtel offers a variety of correction signal levels under the TerraStar brand that provide the right level of precision at the right price for your farm. Trimble receivers can be paired with CenterPoint, RangePoint, and ViewPoint correction signal services.
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Buy at our core brands dealers

Fuse® smart farming solutions are available through the dealer networks of our core brands ChallengerFendtGSIMassey Ferguson and Valtra. Whenever you buy a product or service featuring the Fuse logo, it  ensures open connectivity and application within our core brands’ ranges as well  as with other manufacturers’ products.